Friday, July 30, 2010

A Few New Sharks!

The past couple of weeks have been very active for GTOPP, with our friends at NOAA having deployed two tags on shortfin mako sharks off Southern California, and Stanford graduate student Aaron Carlisle putting out seven more on salmon sharks in the Gulf of Alaska.  Steve Miller, formerly of Google and soon to be a graduate student at UC Santa Barbara, has been helping us to capture these new tags in near-real time -- so each day when you look at the interactive map, or at the maps on the individual species pages for each shark, you'll be seeing where the shark was located within the last 24 hours.  Congratulations to everyone for getting some new tags out in the water!

Next week marks the launch of the 51st Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament in Kona, Hawaii -- and the start of the 2010 Great Marlin Race.  Dr. George Shillinger and I will be there for the whole week, working with the boat captains, crews and anglers to deploy pop-up satellite tags on Pacific Blue Marlin.  You can follow the action on the Great Marlin Race website, and as we start getting marlin tracks from the race I'll be posting them here as well - so stay tuned!


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