Sunday, March 23, 2014

Expedition Chagos - March 23

Aaron and Dave working hard
The team in the Chagos (scientists from Stanford, University of Western Australia, London Zoological Society) have had a very successful research trip thus far- placing over 30 acoustic tags in sharks, and recovering the data from an extensive VR2w network we placed in the Chagos over a year ago. The great news is the receivers have recorded excellent data. 

Currently the team is at Salomon Atoll, where we’re recovering a VR4 Global, to rebattery and reposition, and then placing VR4 Ums near the Channel. Our on board team has been very successful tagging grey reef sharks and silvertips. They report easily placing the acoustic tags into 10 sharks over at Salomon Atoll and 20 over at Peros Banhos.  The placement of the tags at the two atolls, separated by over 30 km, will help discern the connectivity between the two regions. VR4 Globals, which have been in place for over a year, are now getting fresh batteries, new flotation collars and beefed-up moorings. Soon we’ll be hearing from these shark in the Indian ocean

The arrival of the tagging gear was a celebrated event

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